This page outlines what personal data we (, and services we use, collect.


This website uses Cloudflare Web Analytics, a lightweight, privacy-first web analytics to track and measure usage. Cloudflare Web Analytics does not use any client-side state, such as cookies or localStorage, to collect usage metrics. It does not collect any personal information, or track users across sites.

You can read Cloudflare's Privacy Policy, GDPR compliance page, and their Web Analytics page within their Trust Hub for more information.

This website also uses a self-made lightweight analytics solution to measure usage and compare / validate against Cloudflare Web Analytics. This allows us to record some simple stats on how the site is being received, how many visitors and page views we received, which pages are popular and which need improving. It doesn't use any cookies, only records anonymous data and is a privacy-first setup. You can read more about the setup in the creating your own website analytics solution with AWS Lambda and Google Sheets article.


The website uses Utterances for leaving comments at the bottom of articles. Utterances is lightweight comments widget built on GitHub issues. To comment, you must authorize the utterances app to post on your behalf using the GitHub OAuth flow. You can also comment on the GitHub issue directly. Therefore no information is held by this website. The data is stored in a public repository on GitHub.

If you want to edit or delete any comments you have made, you can go to the public repository, then find the article you commented on. Alternatively, at the top of the comments section on the article page, click 'Comments' in 'Comments - powered by'. All of the comments for that article are contained in the issue, and can be updated or deleted if you are the owner.

You can also read GitHub's Privacy Statement.

Feedback Form

This website uses a feedback form created with Microsoft Forms. This is to understand how the site is being received and to improve it in the future. All responses are anonymous. Please do not leave any personal information on the form such as your name or address and never give out your credit card number or passwords. By using the form you agree that any personal information you enter on the form, you do so at your own risk. The data you submit will be sent to us (the form owner). The data you submit will only be used to improve the site and create articles you are interested in. It will not be shared with any third party.

You can also read Microsoft's Privacy Statement, Terms of use and articles Security and Privacy in Microsoft Forms and Data storage for Microsoft Forms for more information.

YouTube Videos

Articles may contain YouTube videos to enhance or explain tutorials. We use privacy-enhanced mode which allows embedding of YouTube videos without using cookies that track viewing behaviour. YouTube will not store personally identifiable cookie information as a result. Read more about about privacy-enhanced mode under manage video embedding options at YouTube's embedding videos information page.

You can also read YouTube's Privacy Policy for more information.